Welcome to Mutual Persuasion

Communication Across Differences

Why Mutual Persuasion?

The Mutual Persuasion Project is a collaborative initiative for promoting the power of communication across differences. We are scholars in rhetoric, linguistics, communication, and psychology. We seek to empower people through education in practical strategies for communication in pluralistic civil societies. We draw on academic theory in rhetoric, linguistics, and communication to provide people with tools to build bridges across differences.

The Results You'll Get

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Mutual Persuasion:

  • Enhance your communication skills through the expertise of scholars in rhetoric, composition, linguistics, and communication.
  • Learn practical strategies to effectively engage with diverse perspectives in pluralistic civil society.
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive network to bridge differences through communication.

When You Join Today

Here's what you get access to when you join:

  • Rhetoric for Mutual Persuasion Course. Our course, developed by our director and professor of rhetoric Erec Smith, offers an accessible introduction to foundational concepts in strategies from rhetoric that can help you become more persuasive and begin to develop an understanding of mutual persuasion.
  • Early-Access to Educational Videos and Articles. We share original and found content--from videos to articles to interviews to reading lists to glossaries--that can help you develop in your understanding and practice of mutual persuasion.
  • Live Events and Online Discussion for Building a Community of Practice. We host live events, such as socials and live debate chats, that can help you learn about mutual persuasion practices and participate in a community of practice dedicated to getting better at mutual persuasion. We also offer guided discussions on mutual persuasion practices to build community within the online space.